Today on This Old House…

Ok… We are making progress. 

We nearly flooded our bedroom, our basement and most places directly adjacent to our master bath but we managed to get it under control. (read: We managed to pick up the phone and call my husband’s father in desperation and he once again came over to help bail us out. We owe him something BIG for Father’s Day, people.) So, now it is time to tile our new enclosure. We bought our new ultra modern dual flush toilet last night. 

Yeah, it flushes with BUTTONS. Left button for #1 and Right button for #2 to help cut down on water waste! I thought that was really really cool. We are also looking into replacing the guest bathroom toilet with an overflow guard toilet – it looks AWESOME. Anyway.. I’ll stop being dorky for five minutes to show some pictures of the progress!

ImageShower enclosure with cubby hole for holding shampoos and conditioner, soap – etc. Love built ins!

ImageThe side pieces are on and everything is sealed off and ready for tiling!


Row number one of the most gorgeous opalescent glass tiles in the world! Robert and I are taking turns doing adhesive and then placing, etc. Tonight we are going to sand down the joint compound on the outside part where we put up new wall – then prime and paint those sides and then put in the new wax ring and new toilet! We at least wanted to get the first row done the first night because we wanted to use that as the guide. Tomorrow we will be able to just adhesive big sections and then place them one on top of another and blow through them quickly. 🙂

                     Then, the fun stuff begins!

Picking out shower curtain, rug, and new towels! We already picked up all of the brushed nickel accents; soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, waste basket, and outlet/switch covers in brushed nickel. We just need to pick our colors, etc, now. 

Lots and lots to do!  It’s exciting!!!! I love home improvements, when they actually are completed… versus sitting half finished for months on end and those that almost flood my house. 😉


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