It is only a failure…

…If I define it as such.

I cannot keep finding a way to define scary life changes as failures and stopping myself from jumping. Sometimes we have to find our own way, learn who we are and then make the bigger decisions. This is not a failure. This is a life change that will be positive if everything works out in one of three ways. Either way, my children come first, always. 

I keep standing by the doors on a fast moving train but I am always too afraid to jump, for fear that I cannot jump back on. But, my deep desire to sew wild oats, find myself, grow as an independent person and mature out of codependency has got to have some purpose for my future. Right?

Fear of the unknown is equal to paralysis.


One thought on “It is only a failure…

  1. Yes, our brains have a need to define everything as either good or bad when it is neither – it just is. And if you really want to leave the train you’re on, don’t let yourself worry about getting back on. If you can avoid looking for yourself elsewhere, you will find yourself right where you are. Good luck

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