Lucky Duck

The kids are in bed, passed out without a fuss. I’m settling in to a glass of wine… and watching a little How I Met Your Mother. 


So much still to be done around this place. I still need a small dining room table and a few more things to be hung up and some dressers (or Rubbermaid tubs haha) and this place will be more cozy. 

Girl child started daycamp this week! … she loves it. She needed a distraction from all of this stuff going on with her Dad and I and it seems to be helping. She is enjoying it, and she is learning how to swim and is getting socialized… all of that is way more fun that hanging out with me at my work. 

I am still doing some rough adjusting, emotionally, but I am managing. Financially, things are going to be extremely tight for a while… but ultimately, I will make it work out, one way or another.


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