Paperwork and Love.

I have been very open about my divorce once I got over the shame, it took about a month. But, I got here. I was finally able to talk to my Mom about it and it went well.


I have spent a lot of time being ashamed, sad, feeling like a failure, depressed… but the papers are on my table and it seems like all that other shit doesn’t matter anymore. I am going to be OK. 

I don’t care what my family thinks, though the people who love me – care and are supportive… The people who don’t – don’t matter right now.

I don’t care that I have hand me downs and thrift store stuff to fill all of the empty space around here. I don’t care that I am alone. 

I care that I have the potential to be legitimately happy and in love with somebody. My ex and I are communicating now better than we ever did married. We are getting along well and we agree on everything, so much so that our attorney had our paperwork complete in two days. 

I am spending more time focusing on the things that make me happy and my hobbies and my physical shape – I am trying to eat healthier, taking better care of myself. And finding love… and companionship – which is deeply important to me. I am going to live my life – love my kids and only associate with people who accept me for me…


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