On living alone

So… I talk to the dog.

A lot. More than I should likely mention out loud… or in this blog. I am really not used to living alone and when the kids or the new beau aren’t here – it gets weird for me. It’s like I’m not used to coming home and not opening my mouth to speak at all for the whole night… Weird? I think so. 

In my recognizing this issue – I began talking out loud to my Dane mix, Penny. 

It goes a little something like this… 

(I come in, toss my keys onto the counter, throw the purse up there too, then head to let Penny out of her crate.) I have the “Puppy/Baby/Cute thing” voice in full effect…Then upon returning from running out to potty… I proceed to have a full fledged discussion… One sided obviously. I mean sometimes she cocks her head and looks at me in obvious agreement, but other than that…

“Penny, I really do not know what to cook anymore these days… I am not used to cooking for 1 when the kids are not here. What can I cook that isn’t too much?… Do I have tupperware that will fit all the extra nonsense?”


Penny: ………….


“So, I think I am going to cook something healthy and then put it into containers for lunches. It is going to be great. I think I am going to get up early and go to the gym again tomorrow, this week I have sucked at getting to the gym – I’ve had appointments and meetings early in the morning that I can’t go to sweaty or with wet hair… I know I know! A REAL PREDICAMENT!…I’ll make up for it, anyway!”

Penny: ………… (Likely thinking, where are my kids and my boyfriend…. you’re boring and kind of weird, Lady.)

I think they diagnose people for this. I mean – I think they medicate people for this kind of thing… 

2 thoughts on “On living alone

  1. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I blog over at Another Part of Me (formerly In Repair). I was going through some of my older posts and saw one of your comments and clicked on the link and wound up here. It’s great to see you are still blogging, since most of the people I used to interact with on my blog have disappeared over the years.

    Anyway, I have been reading some of your posts and admiring the way you are so open about what has been going on in your life. Change is never easy, but you seem to be embracing it as just another part of the journey. Kudos to you!

    As far as talking to pets, you should hear me sometimes! I also use a special voice with our cats, and talk to them as if they really understand me. Maybe they don’t, but I’m pretty sure they can detect the mood that I’m projecting through my words. They actually meow back to me when I’m talking, so it doesn’t feel so one-sided. =)

    I’m gonna blogroll you now. Come visit me at my blog sometime!

    1. Thank you, Brian. I continue to blog because it is therapeutic for me… ❤ I am feeling like this is my only real unbiased outlet. 🙂

      I will definitely visit more. 🙂

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