It’s my world.

I am becoming more comfortable in my own space as the days go by. 

School has started for me again so it keeps me pretty occupied, except when I am procrastinating, and I keep myself generally pretty busy in the meantime to keep my mind occupied as well. 

This weekend is action packed as well. ❤ Not really.. we are succumbing to being rained in. 

That being said – I am becoming more comfortable with this place the more “stuff” I get in here. I like to feel cozy in my surroundings. I want pictures of my happiest memories and of the people I love the most. The more I get the knick nacks and the photographs on the walls the more comfortable I feel that this is my space. I loathe that I cannot paint, however, I am making up for it with colorful things. 

I bought a drab shower curtain when I moved in – it is a silhouette of a bird on some branches and I thought it was pretty cool – but the colors were ALL wrong, it made my upstairs bathroom look so boring and kind of dark. I stared at it off and on for days until one day I was thrifting and found a gorgeous blue fading pattern with a damask style scroll pattern. I purchased it and hung it up and it made a world of difference to my comfort level… I leave the bathroom door open now so I can see it. 

I did the same thing in my bedroom, everything was black, grey, and white and it was starting to get to me… I found a turquoise lamp with a white shade with grey flowers on the inside and it was a perfect addition to make my room not so dismal. 

These little things make a world of difference when adjusting to living in my own space, on my own, with my own stuff. I always hesitate, still, when buying certain colors or certain items. My mind immediately thinks I need to refer to somebody else’s tastes or preferences and then I remember- I don’t need to ask anyone else. This is my world. 

I am going to enjoy being rained in this weekend. 🙂


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