On the fragility of new relationships…

New relationships, I’m finding, are such an intricate and delicate balance…

Did I say too much? Did I ask for too much? Did I push him too far? Does he not like this? Is he as in to me as I am him? Did I give him the wrong impression?

It is a non-stop cycle of over-analyzing just about everything as you learn about the other person. It can be torturous trying to understand what is going on and why when things seem questionable. Moving forward though as you become comfortable with one another it can lead to even more confusion — “Why isn’t he saying or doing X, Y, Z, when he used to do X, Y, Z frequently?” “Is it me?” “Did I give him the impression that I would just take what I could get and the rest could fall by the wayside?” “Did something happen?” “Is it him?”

… so many exhausting questions. 

But yet, you don’t stop pressing forward and trying these “social experiments” for the chance at finding out if you ‘click’… Humans are strange creatures. 


One thought on “On the fragility of new relationships…

  1. I hear ya sister. In my case, I think I try too hard to please, even to the point of going beyond myself. I have to get over that. If it doesn’t “click”, that’s OK. Let it be natural and unstrained. If they get the “wrong impression”, maybe they’re just not interested enough to want to get to the bottom of who you are. That’s OK too.

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