Loneliness means nothing….

…when you are waiting for something you know has the potential to be great. Endurance is a test of a person’s strength and their dedication.

I made the mistake of allowing a situation pull me too far away from my emotional maturity, which I like to believe is fairly strong. More of a tried and true thing. I am used to living with somebody so I see daily what is causing their stress and what is affecting them and NOT making it about me. I made the mistake of letting my normally supportive and caring self make something about me, that wasn’t— then it became about me. If I thought it would help, right now, I would say I was sorry for making them feel badly, for making them feel like I was calling them negligent, and for adding more stress…

You cannot control what you feel, when you feel it, or how much it impacts you.

I just know that when this person walked into my life, it was never the same again – and their well-being and happiness is deeply important to me.

…and now in retrospect – I am recognizing it had nothing to do with me at all and now all I want to do is make it better, take it back, and be there for them like I should without asking ‘Why?’ or overwhelming them with questions that do not matter.

Perhaps I still have that chance.


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