Red Hot

ImageThe ensemble for last night’s date night with the beau. He likes red so I thought this was appropriate. We both ended up wearing red and coming from a girl who spent SO many years hiding her fat and unflattering figure in nothing but black clothing or dark colors – I feel so much more pretty and confident in nice bright colors.

For a multitude of reasons I had not seen the boyfriend for two weeks… I was missing him immensely so when he suggested that we do my favorite Mexican restaurant last night and then go to the Italian Fest together, I was on cloud 9. (Yes, this weekend was quite cultural, Mexican food with my Polish guy – then to the Italian Fest.) We shared a pitcher of Margaritas. We listened to a cover band and lip-synced to Journey and Poison songs out in the Fall air on the streets of my hometown. He said it was fun and that it reminded him of being back home, which made me feel good because I know he misses home for him and if that is the only piece of it I am capable of giving to him – I will. It’s kind of fascinating how when you meet and click with someone and you start to fall for them – even if they are not falling quite at the same pace as you – you are willing to do a lot of things to see them happy.

I love the way he makes me laugh, I love the way he makes me feel like I am the most beautiful girl on the planet just by holding my hand in public, and most of all I love how getting to spend one day with him has the capacity to make all of my stresses of the week melt away. ❤ We had a rough patch this last week with the stresses of work, life, kids, finances – etc. I can only hope that after last night, it is only up from here – because I’ve really fallen for this guy. Head over (red) heels.


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