In the nick of time

I am starting to get excited for the holidays. These will be the first holidays I will spend as a divorced woman – a “single” parent and a redefined human being. 

We had a great Halloween, I had them this year and I took them Trick or Treating on my own. It was frigid cold, we hit one subdivision and the boy child was ready to end it after four houses. Freezing! But we got in about 18 houses and a fair amount of candy. Plus, my Auntie brought by some Halloween cupcakes and other such goodies. B and I went to a Halloween party with my co-workers the Saturday before Halloween. It was our first outing as a ‘couple’ and it was fun! Poor Hunk was sick though and he toughed it out for me anyway. 😉

I was originally extremely bummed out and pretty depressed that I thought I likely would not see my Dad and my Dad’s family for the holidays — essentially, I am still not seeing all of them, but my Grandfather bought my Dad a ticket to come out and stay with me over Thanksgiving! Now that Robert and I share custody, I am going to get a couple nights with just one on one time with my Dad. We are going to get to have our own Thanksgiving together the night he flies in since the kids and I will have had Thanksgiving with my side of the family the night before. (My family celebrates on Wednesday night.) Then we will have a couple days with the kids then the Hunk is going to get to meet my Dad the Sunday night before he heads home! I could not be more excited! 

I am dubbing 2012 – the year of reinvention… and that’s not just the Cymbalta talking. 

I could not be more happy. I’ve got a great Hunk in my life, great kids, I have a job, I am surviving 100% on my own financially, good relationship with the ex and his family, renewing and repairing some old relationships — getting into the major coursework of my degree… Life is good. ❤


And with that note – I will leave you with a few photos of my loves, happenings, etc. 


ImageThe kids covering their pumpkins in Mod Podge to then assault them with glitter. 🙂



Home, Sweet Home. Our glitter covered pumpkins on the stoop. Mine is the spray painted silver one with glitter! 🙂 Penny the dog wanted to be a part of all of this too.


Vampire Princess and Batman!


The Hunk and Pumpkin the Pug — a love story. 😉


And the boy eating cupcakes from Auntie. YUM!



Goodnight. ❤ 



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