When Boy Meets Kids

Sunday, The Hunk met my kids for the first time. I was so nervous, honestly. I know my son has behavior issues that we are working on and they will likely improve once we switch his daycare – but anyway, I was worried that my boyfriend would see my son’s behavior as a reflection of me, a reflection of me as a parent…

My son was almost the worst he could be. We went to see Wreck It Ralph and the kids fought over who got to sit next to The Hunk. I pulled out my I’m the Mom and the Girlfriend trump card and my son sat next to him and I sat on the other side of him. He was actually cuddling with The Hunk during the movie! It was so sweet and he thought it was cute too.

The Hunk was wonderful with the kids, we took them to a park and even though the boy was SO bad and unruly, my guy, who has a three year old of his own, was really going out of his way to make me feel like I had help. He was great. 🙂 However, my son was still a mess. An absolute mess. He was embarrassing and doing gross boy things and also doing a combination of showing off for the new guy. But kids are kids I guess.

Dinner time was the worst, he was crashing from being tired and from a sugar high (I never let my kids have sugar or caffeine – and you know what, at the movie, I let them have both – it was a special occasion), so the boyfriend was making trips to and from the buffet for all of us. It was sweet and it was really nice to have somebody else notice when I am trying to hold it together and staying calm.

On the drive home he could tell I was fighting back tears, which I am generally pretty good at hiding some of my feelings when it comes to my facial expressions, but he sees right through that and reassures me everything is going to be OK and instead focuses his attention on getting the kids distracted and singing into an AutoTune app he has on his phone. In turn – I couldn’t help it and gave in to the laughing.

After I dropped him off and he reassured me everything was going to be OK – I cried on the ride home, out of embarrassment and shame that I can’t keep my son under control. We continue filial therapy and work with him at home.

Anyway, these are big steps for The Hunk and I. According to him, next step is getting the kids together. I am glad we waited this long, we got to know each other a lot better, first, to see if there is long term potential before introducing kids. Perhaps this means there is? ❤

My kids really seem to like him a lot- the girl keeps asking when we can have him over to play games. The boy says “He’s cool. I wike him!” (like him) Haha. That means a lot to me. My kids are going to adore him as much as I do. I know it. 🙂

My family celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow night, Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and The Hunk is going out of town to be with his family. He will be back to meet my Dad on Sunday. Thanksgiving day will just be my Dad and I – the kids will be with their Dad so I am thinking that we are going to go to a Hibachi restaurant! I am so glad to get a little bit of time off of work! No time off of school, but I get time off of work.

Whew! Whirlwind week ahead! But I am looking forward to it.

And of course, let’s end with something cute. The girl got a haircut. She’s such a little young lady now. What the hell happened? Where did time go to?


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