On being thankful 365 days a year and not just one…

Today, I am thankful for the ability to be able to show my thanks for the people and things in my life the other 364 days a year. 

I didn’t get on board with the Facebook “Day 1: I am thankful for…” for all the days of November. Because I am thankful all the time. Not just 30 days in November. 

Last night we did Thanksgiving with my side of the family – the Italians – and it was really nice. I am adjusting to going to events and such on my own and representing my family as the head of my household and sans husband. It feels pretty good to say I do it all on my own. 

I think Americans, mostly, take everything for granted because we have an endless supply of everything. Mostly bullshit – but we have an endless supply of that too! We don’t stop and think about how we are truly miracles in and of ourselves with very little explanation as to how or why we are here living this life with all of the luxuries that we do have. We need to slow it down sometimes and truly be grateful that we have it as well as we do and that our mission should be to help those less fortunate get to a place in their lives where they too can feel like the world is truly a great place to be! 

Personally, I have been through some crazy stuff in my life – there are a million others who have got one-up on me and my issues in life look like small fries – but these things are relative.  I have learned that I cannot hold on to this stuff, I cannot let it define me as a human. I have learned from it all – but I cannot let it rob me of today’s happiness. 

I only get to do this life one time. No do overs. No take-backs. 

365 Days A Year I am thankful for my great kids – even when my son is out of control, I am thankful to have an ex-husband who is truly a GREAT Dad that loves his kids and for the experience we had together so that both of us could grow up and find happiness elsewhere, for new love with big potential, for the ability to get my education in a field that I will truly be happy practicing in, and for having a stable job that pays all the bills in this house – on my own without any help. 


Happy Thanksgiving!


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