Brett Favre and I.


Ok, not really Brett Favre, but my boyfriend has been called a “young Brett Favre” by three people I know now. How funny…

This is the first photo in existence of the two of us. My Dad took it at dinner at SubZero Vodka Bar. My Dad gave The Hunk his seal of approval. They laughed and bonded over talking about football and occasionally watching it on the big screens around us. I feel like, slowly, The Hunk and I are growing closer. Our lives were in the most bizarre places when when we met. But, our relationship stems from a friendship that I did not ever really have with anyone else. Perhaps that is the takeaway. I don’t know that I would complain if I had to wake up next to him for a very long time. ❤

It really meant a lot to me that the two of them bonded and my Dad gave his seal of approval. When we were killing time before we picked up The Hunk for dinner we wandered around The Loop and then we were sitting in the car talking and it was remarkably sad and a little refreshing that I told him I needed to have girl-talk and couldn’t ever seem to have it with my Mom. How sad is it that he offered to do that instead? It was nice to be able to just talk without an immediate negative response to everything I want to gush about it.

Had a great Thanksgiving with my Italians and visit with Dad. The kids really enjoyed having him here.

Doctor today – sleep study on the horizon for me. Stupid stress response manifesting into sleep disruption. Referral to pain management specialist for one more injection and no more narcotic pain killers. Blah. But I am trying to be optimistic.

All in all – today was emotionally trying – but I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better once I get some rest. Please?


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