Do Over.

Ok, so every post I have tried to make for the last three days has posted with the entry gone and only the title showing. Annoying – I feel like I am too exhausted to re-type every entry that disappeared over the last few days, so here is my catch-all post to get caught up on the last three days of entries that went poof.

I am really starting to be OVER school. I procrastinate to no end and just cannot seem to keep my head in the game. I am still getting good grades but I am struggling to keep my motivation and not get burned out.

I know I am on the fence about home ownership again at this juncture in my life – but I am still looking at houses… and for whatever reason – can’t stop. Especially since I know if I walk into the loan officer – I will be approved without any issues since my credit is good. I feel like all it is going to take is one non-ranch style house, in my price range, in the city I am looking to move to and that will be all she wrote.

This weekend The Hunk is coming over on Saturday to spend some time with his girlfriend. Sunday we are taking my kiddos to go chop down a tree for Christmas. The ex-husband and I gave up on the tradition because it just became too stressful for the two of us to schlep a tree and strap it to the roof of my Prius…so we gave up and got a really big fake one. I think I am going to try to bring it back and keep it back for a while.

Kiddos and I spent some time at the library this last week and they had a lot of fun – we are going to try to keep coming back once a week to get more bedtime stories. 🙂

I am getting better at this whole keeping-two-kids-occupied-and-single-parenting thing.


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