And we have a brood…

The Hunk and I finally introduced kids and I would say that it went pretty darned well given my son’s behavioral issues when it comes to anger and stress. (Likely stems from the inconsistent nature of his daycare and the stress his father and I were dealing with towards the end of our marriage). The boy started a new daycare yesterday and he loves it! 🙂 I am so happy he is happy there… the kids embraced him and showed him where the superheroes were and he loves that they have a pet Chinchilla. Anyway, our kids played pretty well together, the boys pretended to be superheroes, got a little rough, and when we were sitting down to eat at Johnny Rocket’s, The Hunk and I kept looking at each other like “Holy shit, an eight year old girl and two boys exactly one year apart in age both into superheroes!” We played at the playground inside the mall and then went back to his apartment so the boys could show off their toys. 🙂 It was honestly quite sweet…
Sure, it was stressful as they build relationships and learn to play nice and hopefully my son’s stress and anger issues go away…but honestly, that stress is “good” stress to me (You know, like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol?) We are planning some more things where the kiddos can socialize. His son is adorable and seeing how he is with his son was so touching to me…

Saturday night we went to Fast Eddie’s and had dinner and people watched. We really had a fun time – we needed a night out – badly! ‘Twas fun!

Sunday, I dragged The Hunk and the kids to cut down a Christmas tree. Well, The Hunk and the kids took turns sawing while I snapped a couple photos. Then this happened…

ImageThe Boy barely knows The Hunk and yet – he wants to hold his hand all the time – even wanted to give him a kiss goodbye when he left. (Too funny!) My kids adore him and honestly – I was worried how everyone would handle all of these kids and their respective issues. I know The Hunk isn’t used to this yet – some kid he barely knows wanting all of his attention and wanting to hold his hand and kiss him goodbye – and an eight year old who has a million questions for him, too, such as “When are you marrying my Mom and being my stepdad?” (…or something to that effect) but he is handling it pretty well. 🙂


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