Make it a double!

Went out last night with the girls for my friend Julie’s birthday – I had been neglecting the ladies for a while given that school kicked my ass this semester and also trying to juggle a relationship and my custody arrangement with the kiddos. Had a good time doing the barhop in town and seeing the group. 

Today was quite boring, cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry. The kiddos are here today and I let them stay up a little later than normal, since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and they are excited and actually playing nice with one another. When they get picked up in the morning I am going to go for a nice Christmas Eve morning jog and then go to the grocery store to pick up stuff for a nice quiet Christmas Eve with The Hunk. We are going to have dinner, open presents, have some wine and watch Christmas movies – starting out with It’s a Wonderful Life – gotta love Amazon instant video rentals on the Roku! And then if we have time, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”… Haha. I remember watching this stuff every year with my family when I was a kid growing up except we mostly kept it to Charlie Brown. I can’t wait to have a nice low key Christmas Eve with my love. Then… I unleash the Italians on him Christmas Day. If he doesn’t run like hell after that then he’s a keeper. Haha.

I hope he likes what I got him. I feel this immense pressure for our first Christmas together to be perfect. ❤


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