Best. Christmas. Ever.


We had a phenomenal Christmas.

The Hunk came over last night, we had a lovely dinner, opened presents. Apparently I am in trouble for getting him a Kindle Fire – and he loved it. 😉 He deserved it. Seeing him happy gives me a satisfaction that far exceeds any way I have felt about another human being in a very long time. My family really likes him. My Aunt and Uncle made a comment before we left their house. “You know, Alyssa, it looks to me like you’ve really got a good man on your hands. He seems to really bond with your kids.” It was so sweet. Everyone really had a lot of nice things to say about him. It was really touching. My Mom made him a jar of mixed nuts with decals on the jar. So nice of them to go out of their way to make him feel welcome. It was truly meaningful to me. 

We spent last night watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” and listening to Christmas music while opening gifts. He met my ex-husband and I met my ex-husband’s girlfriend this morning. It went well. I was trying to be welcoming and polite. It wasn’t awkward, luckily. Everyone just deserves to be happy. Happiness is important in this short life. I am still friends with my ex, he is a good man, but we were married so young and the hardships really ruined our bond instead of strengthening it – solely because we were so different. This Christmas was wonderful. Everyone is happy, getting along, and doing well.


The Hunk got me an easel, paints, paint brushes, pallets, and canvases! He is a good listener. It is one of those things I have truly always wanted to do, but never justified spending the money myself – but I have always really wanted to… He took care of that for me. I can’t wait to paint stuff! I have so many ideas, thanks to Pinterest. 😉 


This Christmas was truly wonderful. Truly. My kids are happy and grateful for all of their presents and playing together nicely downstairs. My Hunk is happy and did an awesome job with my gifts – but honestly, even if he didn’t get me a thing – I am so grateful to have him in my life. He’s wonderful and seeing him with the people I love makes me love him even more.  He’s the first person I have had in my life in a long time that I can truly call my best friend – and luckily, my boyfriend, too. ❤


It’s a wonderful life… 


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