Painting Therapy – Phase 1

I spent most of the day slaving in the basement of my townhouse, cleaning up, throwing out old toys – preparing the space for a REAL play room for my kiddos as they begin to build a nice solid supply of toys here at my place there was one very important thing that I
needed to work on!
I needed to set myself up a space to paint! The Hunk got me an easel and I planned to wait until it was not quite as cold and set the easel up on one of my decks and paint and spray paint and such outside. Pfffttt – warm weather is much too far away for all of the ideas that Pinterest has given me…

He got me four canvases with all of the supplies – so I got this great idea to create a neat set of three that go side by side and make something neat out of them. So I spray painted the bottom few inches of the first one red. Then put down some chipboard scrapbook letters that said “YOU’RE” and then spray painted over the entire canvas with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Then removed the letters. Didn’t need to remove it cleanly – looks for “painted” if it wasn’t cleanly removed. The next two will say “MY” and “HEART” in the same chipboard letter font. Once everything is completely dry – I am going to get a large stencil heart and position over the split between the last two canvases, asymmetrically, and then use my paints and brushes to paint a big heart over the spray paint. I can’t wait for this project to be finished, tomorrow I need to run out and grab a darker red paint and a white paint. It’s going to be great!


Crafting/decorating/art is my therapy. 🙂


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