Just Keep Swimming

If I had a nickel for every time a friend of mine, or some random acquaintance on Facebook, told me to “Just keep swimming” when I was venting about trying to keep it together as a single parent – I would be SO rich…


But I am learning that it is indeed true. If you just keep moving forward even when you feel like you can’t/don’t want to keep going – that life keeps happening.


I am doing it financially all by myself. Sure, my ex contributes to things the kids need – but I am keeping a roof over our heads, the power on, food in the fridge and not a single bill is late! I find these to be major accomplishments for me. For six solid months I have done it all by myself. This month – all of my bills are paid, my books are bought for class, and there was money leftover to put into the savings and also to make a double payment to one of my credit cards. 

I am doing it. I was looking over my Bachelor’s Degree Degree Completion Worksheet (thingy) and even though I am in a 5 year program for both my Bachelor’s AND my Master’s… if I wanted to, I could potentially apply to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree sooner than I even realized… Holy wow! I had not even looked at my worksheet and noticed all of the blank spaces I am filling in in quite some time. 


Makes me proud that even though I have been faced with significant amounts of stress… uncountable emotional breakdowns where I thought that I would need to give up because I simply could not go on anymore doing full time work and full time school and raising two kids…So many times I was up at 2,3,4 AM telling myself that this over-scheduled schooling had to stop. But I kept “swimming” because I knew if I stopped now I would let myself down on a major goal that I have been chipping away at endlessly and that a significant piece of my happiness would be depleted knowing I had given up on a dream of mine. 


I’ve just kept swimming and it seems to be working… 🙂


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