Here’s the deal…

…or if you’re Snoop Dogg – the dealio.

  • I love. Hard.  
  • Part B to the above – I am not going to stop telling you that. I am going to tell you that all the time. If that’s a deal breaker – you should tell me now, because I genuinely want to tell you that – because I do – and I won’t apologize for it.
  • I am affectionate – and subsequently want the same in return.
  • I need to talk about everything. Let me talk something to death and in a short period of time it won’t be a problem anymore.
  • I will always be faithful, honest, truthful, caring, encouraging, trustworthy (you can tell me just about anything and I am going to love you anyway – everyone has a past).
  • I want you to want me like the Cheap Trick song. I’ll continue to return the favor. Ebbs and flows — but want me and I’ll always return it. You don’t need to “need” me… but I want you… want me. (See, song lyrics, I told you.)
  • I’ll admit to some superficial selfish things…. 1 being I would really like a proposal. I want to do things “right” this time. I’ll wait. ❤

All I want in return is love and physical affection – your time – and everything else I can pace myself in the marathon of love for. Promise. ❤


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