After attending the PostSecret event last night at SLU – and ummm…. kind of sort of ending up eating dinner across the table from Frank Warren himself at Crazy Bowls and Wraps right before the event….SMALL WORLD, eh? —— I was moved. Deeply. I cried, I laughed, and I was reassured that Social Work is place. I have been so angry and resentful towards my “calling” lately – that I almost considered giving up going for the degree altogether and going into something more lucrative because while I think helping other people is my calling –  I could go to law school and be a shark too if needed. I’m multifaceted. I can draw from some of the strangest places in my personality and capitalize on it – of that I am certain… I am a really selfish person – surprised? No, I’m honest. I don’t like share my wine. I am selfish with my time. (Wow, this list could get really long really fast.)  I am human – its just that I have the ability to turn it off when somebody needs someone – and I mean genuine need.

…but I chose social work because people do need people. There are studies about people and children who fail to thrive because of the lack of social interactions. I remember when I needed a “people” — and those “people” were not there or did not have my best interests in mind. I have heard “I don’t need anyone.” “I don’t get lonely.” “People don’t need anyone but themselves.” “It is me, myself, and I!” – Wrong-o. Play the facade all you’d like but the rest of society knows enough about humans to know better.


Last night’s event reminded me that I am going to keep going and that this is my place and this is where I need to stay. I listened to people tell funny secrets – I listened to people cry and tell some deeply disturbing secrets and I felt more ‘free’ on their behalf just being someone to listen to their secrets.

Thank you, Frank @  Also for signing my book and asking me what my plan for Social Work was and then when I told you – you stated how powerful that decision was.


Frank, I have the blank postcard that was left on my seat – I am working on sending in my first “secret” today. I am going to send it in and let it go and accept that humans are designed to live and learn and that we are not a perfect creation… we are perfectly imperfect. I am a pretty straight-laced person and have never done anything heinous, never done any drugs, never been arrested – etc… but this secret needs to be let go so I can stop feeling judged for it.


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