Calla Lilies and Red Roses

Calla Lillies and Red Roses

I think it was completely appropriate that for Valentine’s Day he gave me a dozen red roses that stand for obviously, love and romance… but that calla lilies were a part of the mix; they indicate rebirth… starting over. He had them sent to my office. He knows me well — he chose a vase that was already chrome finish instead of just regular old glass — he knew I would feel compelled to spray paint it. 😉

Best Valentine’s Day – Ever.

I had a Pachira plant sent to his office and he loved it. 🙂 He took me to the Wine and Cheese Shop and we got some beverages and he cooked a delicious spicy white bean chicken chili for me. It was perfect. ❤

For a man who is not big on “Hallmark Holidays” he certainly did quite well.

Tomorrow… a DIY post of my Salvage to Fantastic re-do of a side table. Be excited.

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