Salvage to Fantastic! A Goodwill DIY






I do Goodwill runs a couple times a month. Hey! I like to find designer clothing with the tags still on and picture frames or glass items that I can spray paint, etc.

I decided to expand my Goodwill search to include some wooden pieces that I could refinish and turn (back) into something beautiful with a little bit of spray paint!

Attempt Number 1: I found this.


This is a little side table with a mirrored front. The mirrored front looked damaged and there was a side that had veneer missing but it looked to be “new”. Odd. I picked this up covered in “Salvage” stickers for $16.99. Here’s a tip – anything at Goodwill where the price ends in a ‘9’ – this means that Goodwill has purchased that item from a clearance or salvage from a department store (Mostly Target – Target offers all of their clearance and salvage to local Goodwill’s by contract).


After some Magic Eraser’ing of the gooey salvage labels and scraping it all off. I had to repair a piece of veneer on the side that had been ripped off and was taped on. I used Gorilla Glue to reattach it – laid it on its side and put something heavy on it while it dried. Once that was complete it was time to spray paint. I chose an aqua blue. I covered the mirror to avoid paint from getting on the mirror


I applied SEVERAL light coats of blue and then finished it off with a lacquer spray finish (also by Krylon, which I use almost exclusively) and purchased a swirly drawer pull from Wal Mart for $2.88.

But here is the surprise…

This was not an old junk piece with a water or age damaged mirror front.

Target – Threshold Mirror Front Side Table

Yes. This was a $79.99 side table from Target. In total with the spray paint and the Gorilla Glue – it was roughly $22.00

You cannot beat that and it looks fabulous in my room that is mostly white, grey, black, and turquoise.

More to come…








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