The Recurring Dream

Ok, so generally I am not one to buy too much into the meaning of dreams. I think our brains do a mash-up, when we sleep, of our thoughts, fears, and anything that pulls high levels of emotion in us.

I keep having this same dream or some very specific and close variation of the same dream. Not every night… but multiple nights over the course of a month – that I remember – who knows how many times I have this dream other nights and do not remember it.

I am never alone in this dream. I am on or near a beach. Talking to people who seem to be my friends but I do not recognize any of them. Often I am invited to go swimming in the ocean and the waves are generally pretty unruly and moving about unlike normal wave in and out patterns – to and from the shoreline. These are different. Coming from all angles.

The “friends” invite me out to swim or wade in the water, I follow and I am out there for what seems to be a very long time and we are waist deep walking in the water, talking. The friends get ahead of me and the water is no longer an ocean – but a swamp. I can literally feel the sand turn to mud under my feet, underwater, and there are now fish everywhere and they are touching my legs and coming up close to my elbows in the swampy water. There are broken pieces of concrete and sidewalk jutting out of the water, some sideways, some on the bottom of the swamp that occasionally I step on. There is a heavy canopy of trees – some fallen into the water – some up on the ground.

No matter what I do – I am never able to make it to dry ground to get out of the swamp. I am stuck for whatever reason. I can see dry ground – which is no longer a beach but a thick collection of brush and trees. I want out of the swamp – but I keep trudging onward in the swamp for what seems like days, weeks, in my dream – but in reality it was probably only a few minutes… then I eventually wake up.

I wonder what it means and why it won’t go away. I wonder why in my dream I can feel the slimy (ew!) fish against my legs in the dream. I also wonder why my body looks so great in a swimsuit in my dream. I have a lot of work to do before Summer. Wait, ok, yeah the dream…

According to an online dream interpretation dictionary…


To walk through swampy places in dreams, foretells that you will be the object of adverse circumstances. Your inheritance will be uncertain, and you will undergo keen disappointments in your love matters. To go through a swamp where you see clear water and green growths, you will take hold on prosperity and singular pleasures, the obtaining of which will be attended with danger and intriguing.

But – perhaps – there has to be some meaning that there is this beautiful sandy beach to begin with, with friends around, and a really beautiful sunset off in the distance. Perhaps its indicative of the troubles I had previously in love. Who knows. Intriguing.


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