Getting settled.

I love this neighborhood. I love that the weather warmed up and there are sidewalks everywhere with swathes of the people biking, running, and walking. I love that this is mine. I love that I am close to work. I love that I am close to everything. I love being closer to the Hunk. I love that this place is starting to smell like my house. There is  basketball hoop in my back yard. I stood on the back porch and imagined a fire pit and chairs surrounding it with the bodies of the people I love firmly planted in said chairs. I love that my dog has a big yard to play in. I love that my kids have their own rooms and will get to pick out new sheets and paint, etc. I want to make this place ‘home’… since for quite a long time I haven’t really felt like any place has been “home”… a feeling of belonging. I need to feel like I belong.

The Hunk and I are going to paint my living room tonight, I am going to cook dinner and drink a little wine and not dwell on the fact that the move killed all three of my fish and I had to adopt a couple new Bettas. I am going to embrace the fact that I will be 27 the end of this month and love this new chapter of my life. (though I am secretly dreading this very thing – getting closer to my 30’s – I am starting to worry where my life has gone away to.) ❤

Life is beautiful and though I am lonely sometimes… this is a process and this place is already starting to feel like home. The sooner I paint and hang all of my photographs on the wall the sooner it will feel like home. 



One thought on “Getting settled.

  1. I am happy for you! We moved three years ago, but it still feels like we are getting settled in.

    Don’t dread your 30’s. They aren’t so bad. I am staring 40 in the face, which blows my mind!

    P.S. I changed the name of my blog a while ago. Would you mind updating it in your blog roll? Thanks! 🙂

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