Proverbial Planting

There are so many good things going on in my life right now. I will most likely be going to Ghana in August with the School of Social Work and I am honestly unable to contain myself at this possibility. I will know more tomorrow night.

The kids are adjusting quite well to the new place, bed time with their own rooms is a God-send.

Love is a verb. I don’t know if he knows why – perhaps when I try to tell him he shies away from listening to me – or changes the subject – or says “Oh boy…” or something like “Uh oh… feelings!” — but he makes each week worth looking forward to outside of the daily grind. I’ll tell him what I need and hope he is able to give it and will do my best not to ask for more than that. Most people are not lucky enough to find somebody that completes a lot of those “old and grey” images in your mind, right out of the gate after a divorce. I feel like I was.

I am in search, as soon as it gets warmer, for a Japanese magnolia tree. I love them. They are beautiful and I need one here. I want to try my hand and growing something… I have tried before and failed numerous times – but one thing I have learned about failure is that it does not mean that every subsequent attempt will be a failure, sometimes  – it will work out – when it is meant to… regardless of how many failures you have endured in the past. We are not broken.

I have killed so many things in the last ten years, luckily no animals… OK, fine, three fish, but that was all in one night, two weeks ago, and I was devastated (it was too cold to move them to the new house but I had no other choice!)… but plants that I have really wanted to learn to nurture. I had an orchid make it 10 months once. That was huge. I will get it right. In lieu of American Politics… I’ll research the proper way to plant a Japanese magnolia so it thrives -because by God – I want to get it right. (Metaphorically, too.) You could plant something in my yard… I would not go away.


2 thoughts on “Proverbial Planting

  1. I bought one of these magnolia trees last spring. It is still alive and looks like it will bloom soon. Unfortunately, our weather has been much colder than average, and I’m sure the blooms will get frost-bitten. They tend to do that in this area.

    If you get it at Lowe’s or Home Depot, they have a one-year guarantee. If yours doesn’t make it, just return it for another one! =)

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