Yesterday, I turned 27.

Why do I feel like that is SO much older than 26?

I had the day off because I work for a Catholic institution. I found that I can still pull off bright pink nail polish (but that Rimmel 60 Seconds to Dry Polish is a HUGE lie…), that having dinner and dyeing Easter eggs with The Hunk and his son (my kids are at their Dad’s) is enough for me, and that I need to spend more time doing photography because the pictures I take truly make me feel like I have lived – I have a great memory but this lets me freeze a moment in time… things I never want to forget.

I took myself to the Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden – took hundreds of photos. Went thrifting – which is one of my favorite things to do no the planet especially now that I have a home to call my own and a place to put these things. I painted my bedroom. (The paint is complete but it is a work in progress!)

If you would have told me that at 27 I would be divorced, in full-time college, in full time work, with two kids, weigh almost 100 pounds less (and be in pretty good shape!) – I would have most likely laughed at you… but this is a great new chapter, too.

These next few years of my life are either going to be a blessing, or a lesson.


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