We can do it! Yes, we can?

If you love someone and your morals, ideals, and personal freedoms, aren’t compromised – you fix it.

We can fix it. I think. Yes, let’s fix this.

Livin’ on a Prayer  by Bon Jovi comes to mind. (Probably shouldn’t admit that one to the world.)

I’m going to put the photos back up on the walls and start sleeping in my bed again.

Girl Child’s birthday is this weekend and she had a baby tooth pulled today. That’ll teach her to brush properly!… and if she doesn’t she is paying for the next one. (More like “That’ll teach my wallet!”) Boy Child is sick – working from home tomorrow (Ahhh!!! Personal hell!) This Mama can’t take much more. Pat me on the back – I did clean the house yesterday, but I did, also, sleep next to a large pile of clean laundry on the bed.

Onward and upward – going to Ghana in August! It’s official!

  • Need to order my birth certificate, have it shipped two-day air.
  • See doctor regarding Malaria and Yellow Fever vaccine schedule.
  • Have my license switched back to MO.
  • Apply for an expedited passport.
  • Somewhere in here I need to get a tan!
  • Finish my application for a student visa (once passport comes in!)
  • Get supplies?! (What the hell do you get when you’re going to Africa?! I mean we’re staying in a hotel, but still!?)

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