The Case for Heartbreak

You know, there are so many people who run to my aid when some dating prospect sours and talk about how they hope I do not ever experience such a heartbreak again.

But really, maybe there is a place for these heartbreaks.

I have learned so much with these, and honestly, it is helping me to connect with the possibility of not becoming over emotionally involved with someone without some building of trust. I can also, maybe have a little bit of fun without needing to believe that he has to be the one. Maybe I can just learn from all of this long enough to have some fun dating and not put so much pressure on it.

The right man will find me, and maybe a part of me is starting to gain some hope from these subsequent break ups because where one disappears there is another right behind him waiting for my attention… and while I do not take advantage of such things or let them affect my ego… it is nice little thing that can help me hold on to hope, knowing one of them has to work out, right?

Maybe heartbreak has a purpose for me… besides laying in bed drinking and crying. 😉


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