Packing for Africa – Phase One

As many of you know from reading my blog and how I have gone on and on in previous posts about my upcoming expedition to Ghana in August with the School of Social Work. I cannot wait! While it is a 3.00 credit hour study abroad course, I will be gone for two weeks with a group of 11 people. Sure, I am the oldest, and I am going with two professors and 8 other college-aged students. (Yeah, so what, so they went to college and did things the traditional way and I didn’t – blah blah.)

So…I haven’t even thought about packing clothing yet as there are still some items I need to secure before we leave. I have, however, after a really treacherous Wal-Mart trip last night secured the following items.

  • additional luggage tags
  • bug spray w/ deet
  • travel pillow and blanket
  • ziploc bags
  • travel sized bottles of EVERYTHING!
  • water bottle
  • dufflebag. 
  • protein bars
  • protein shakes
  • Advil liquigels

Ugh, this list goes on. Anyway. I separated everything out neatly into little bottles and baggies. 

ImageFeeling overwhelmed, I dumped everything out onto the bed and started trying to plan for all possible scenarios. I did throw in a Nike hooded waterproof windbreaker. I packed all sorts of hygiene related supplies. (I still need a mesh laundry bag as we will have no access to any kind of laundry.) Packed all of my power converters and plug adapters… Before I went to the dreaded Wal Mart on a Sunday evening with the Girl Child in tow… I thought to myself… Ok, I have “stolen” a lot of little travel size thingies from random hotels over the years… what do I presently have that I won’t need to buy tonight???

I raided the linen closet and found…


Ta-DA! Thank you, Las Vegas hotels!!!! Shampoos and conditioners and body washes and soaps! Sweet! 

I have dog sitting arranged, house sitting (which covers my yard work and my beloved hydrangeas)… and I just remembered, I better call Sprint and get the International nonsense arranged fast as I may not have wi-fi access most of the trip. 

While we will be working, learning, doing hard labor, walking a day in the life of a Ghanaian… there will be some downtime to party with the “cool” college kids at the nightclubs in Accra, and stay at a beach resort for a few days on the coast. 

This week is also my final week of Summer school… so this week is going to be quite challenging getting my crap together!

Let the hectic nonsense commence! Ghana here we come! 🙂



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