READY!! …almost

48 hours… Then I am leeeeeaaaavin’ on a jet plane – don’t know when I’ll be back again! Ok, that was dorky – and yes, I do know when I will be back. Africa, here I come!!!!

I had the most insane dream last night. I kept falling off of the airplane without injury… I got lost in the airport. My luggage kept getting left behind. My group was running ahead of me and I couldn’t keep up. Nobody would help me. Somehow, there was a dead body thrown in there. I kept falling off of the plane into a small farming town looking place – which oddly enough was a city filled with only social workers (Yeah…) and then I ended up getting some award and certification that I was not qualified for – and in the end I still could not find my bags, or my group… If that isn’t all of my life and travel anxiety playing out into one dream then I don’t know what is.

I am going to miss my kiddos. I am hoping for, and I hear rumor of, WiFi to Skype with the kiddos when school starts while I am gone and perhaps with D, too. ❤ D is dropping me off at the airport Sunday, well, since he is going to miss me and because he is the person who lives the closest to me at just a few blocks away. I have everything covered and taken care of. Dog sitting, fish sitting, bills all pre-paid, work stuff, you name it. I got it covered!

I need to get a couple more quick tanning sessions in, finishing doing laundry and packing, and date night with D tomorrow and then off I go!!!!!

It is going to be AMAZING and I will update as I can!


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