I am alive. I have returned from Africa and I have so many really cool things to tell you about Ghana. I learned a lot and absorbed a lot of information- however, I am in the process of working on my piece of the exhibit and my paper that is due on the 8th – post-Ghana. There will be edited photos and stories about each one. I plan to do an entry on each one with a photo. My first time out of the country straight into a third world country is a big jump… but it was good for me, it really opened my eyes up to a lot of things even though I didn’t have many preconceived ideas on how it was going to be. I went there with a very open mind, believe it or not. I learned my limits – that is one way to put it.

In the meantime, I am meeting the boyfriend’s parents in two weeks. Oh my god. That is all. Brian and I were together for a year and I never met a soul he knew — perhaps this is indicative of how much more this one respects me than the previous. I can tell you there is a huge difference in what happiness feels like with someone who truly adores you — and not just keeps you around for killing time until they turn 40 – when they had no intention of keeping you around at that juncture if it were to ever make it that far. It didn’t. Thank God it didn’t. Thank goodness for D, but without Brian, I never ever ever would have truly been in a place to appreciate D and how good for me he really is.

I’ll never forget the Facebook message I sent to my mother our second date. But that’s a story for another time.

Tonight, we are booking our lodge for the weekend and planning winery stuff.


Life is good, kids are great, Africa was amazing. More to come, friends.


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