Let’s Start Here.

Let's Start Here.

University of Ghana – Legon Department of Social Work.

Our first real day in Ghana we spent it at the University, (Sorry, Professors), with HOURS of lecture. Sure, we stopped for a little Banku, Fufu, plantains, french fries, and curry fried chicken, for lunch. But, ultimately, it was back to guest speaker after guest speaker in a classroom.

Not going to lie, we learned a lot. Learned about the state of healthcare, sanitation, education, and the general state of the economy in Ghana.

We spent the day with three other graduate students from the University of Ghana Legon, and one would even be coming to STL to attend WASHU this school year. Surprisingly, there are a lot more men in social work in Ghana than there are women. Shocking? We were indeed surprised.

The biggest takeaway from our first real full day in Ghana was this…

Don’t come into a developing country and tell them how to fix their problems… in order to sustain… you must come in and asking what they think they need help with. Straight from the mouths of Ghanaians. And they are right.


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