Ekumfi Atwia

These kids…Were so funny! Some had never seen iPhones before so I just let them go at it! Taking selfies, changing the color on pictures, applying filters, doing silly stuff. Taking pictures of me, taking pictures of their friends. HAVE AT IT, GUYS! (Surely, the OtterBox will hold up!)

We spent the day in Ekumfi Atwia, met Chief Na Na and aided as bed we could in a community work day where they are building a bridge out of coconuts over a section of broken piping. (Not for running water, for diverting water during the rainy season). Sections of the road were also washed away and no longer passable via car, even though Chief Na Na is the only one with a car, it’s important to be able to get to and from. Na Na is not like typical African Chiefs that you would imagine having never been there. Na Na is a retired Mobil executive and he expressed a desire to raise a rural community into a developed community and he was elected as Chief thirteen years ago.

We cheered and clapped as the older boys would roll in fallen coconut trees one at a time and passed around satchets of water (you drink out of baggies – not faucets) and some of the boys passed around coconuts with the tops sliced off drinking coconut milk.

Ekumfi Atwia is a great example of community development and small-scale attempts at growth. They don’t have large construction equipment. They make it work in other ways — with their bare hands and a few tools. The Chief and his wife prepared a wonderful meal of Yam quiche, Red-Red (plantains and rice and beans served together), Tilapia, and spaghetti with beef! (How sweet of her to consider us!) It was wonderful. We drank Orange Fanta or Club beers and listened to stories.

While most of us as women were never given the opportunity to use a pickaxe or help knock down a coconut tree… which upset most of us girls… but we were able to us a car (the fabric circles on top of your head) and carry big pans of rocks on our heads!!! 🙂

What an amazing day! Learned a lot that day, even though I was recovering from a bad reaction to malaria preventatives. .. I managed through!

I hope for nothing but the best for Na Na and his village and hope that we are able to take part in future needs of the village in some way from the states.


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