IMG_2035So, apparently August is like April or May for Americans – in Africa… so I didn’t get to put the bikini. Plus, the state of sanitation and pollution there is fairly poor so there were frequently large amounts of garbage that would wash up on the beach. At Anomabo they cleaned this up so we had something pretty to look at from the deck where we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drank our Club beers listening to the ocean.

The days when we were at Anomabo we got lots more down time than we did any other place along our journey. I booked a tent for a night on the beach and the sounds of the waves were so hypnotic that it put me right to sleep and it was some of the best sleep I’d EVER had. Our first night there we had an amazing outdoor barbecue on the patio where we were literally served a feast of various kebabs, fries, sausage, spaghetti (no red sauce though, they do it differently there), shrimp, fried chicken, Sheto, Joloff rice… it was amazing and we never ever went to sleep hungry during any of our time in Ghana.

Anomabo was a time to sit down and reflect on everything we were being exposed to and often for many of us the first time to a developing third world country. This was the first place that we had cheese pretty much the entire time we were there since nearly nothing is processed there and everything is served fresh. Frequent power outages and the inability to obtain small generators for refrigeration. So, you are served fresh food, without hormones, antibiotics, nothing canned, nothing that sits for weeks or months… so even though you are eating a ton of fried food and carbs and lots of meat – they are serving you things that they purchased fresh from the marketplaces, or stores depending on where they were situated, each day. No crapola. Needless to say that upon my return home to my wonderful boyfriend complete with a bouquet of flowers in hand – he asked me what I wanted most that I had not had in two weeks… That answer was simple! A big pitcher of frozen margaritas, chips, salsa, queso, guacamole, I was REALLY SICK! I mean how could I resist when all of those things and more were on the table and we split everything up buffet style… I figured – Hell, with the state of sanitation in Ghana, I never got sick from the food, I’ll eat whatever the hell I want and be fine here in America! Wrong. WRONG… I was up all night. Americans eat absolute crap. I am definitely paying more attention NOW to what I eat more than ever before.

I loved Anomabo Beach Resort. I spent lots of time looking for seashells, found lots, took photos, stood in the surf, listened to the singing of the fisherman who sang their prayer loudly at sea to keep them safe and have a bountiful catch. (Which was really hauntingly beautiful when you’re sitting at dusk drinking wine listening to the waves and this humming song comes across the water).

I think Anomabo is where our group bonded the most and had the most fun! The wifi here was insufferable, so it meant going many extra days without contact with the Girl Child Boy Child and D, unlike at the Hostel where D, The Kids, and I could Facetime in the evenings… but where it lacked in technology it made up for it in service and pretty good food! 🙂

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