Elmina Slave Castle Dungeon


Edina. View from the second floor of the Elmina Slave Castle Dungeons.

Elmina Slave Castle Dungeons will change your life – no matter what race you are. There is a bustling and thriving town outside of the the Castle and the sense of community you get between the people is huge.

Roughly a week into our trip we went to the Slave Castle Dungeons and Kojo, the name for a male born on a Saturday, led us around on a group tour.


The stories that we were told were so deeply painful, more so for women. I can let your imagine go from here but there was a definite purpose for that steel ball that lay on the ground out in the open and exposed to all of the elements.

The photographs we took here were likely the most beautiful that I, personally, have ever taken. Edina is a colorful bright town, though subject to abject poverty and lacking in basic human needs, the view for a person from an external culture is amazing and rich with the kinds of things those from a World Super Power country will likely never understand… unless, we as Americans, were to spend time within the Native American culture in the United States (more rural).


As a person of predominantly Irish and Italian heritage, roughly over 50% of my ethnic background, I was glad, in that moment, to not be of Dutch or Portuguese descent… though I still felt an immense feeling of guilt just by the color of my skin. I couldn’t explain why if you asked me, but my face was hot with shame most of the time, so I took more photos in the Slave Castle than anywhere else, as then I could hide my face behind my Canon. This is, in no uncertain terms, a huge part of where the human slave trade began.

There are so many more photos that I want to post from Elmina… but they won’t all fit here, and these three, tell a great story… without much explanation. Definitely one of the most emotional parts of our trip, at least for me.


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