Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today, it has been six years since I started this blog… and Jesus Christ, what a shit-show the last six years has been. I think I am finally in a place where it is on the up swing. I have met some really great people out in the blogosphere and I have followed their trials and tribulations  – happiness, sadness, anything that they were willing to share with me.


It’s amazing to me that complete strangers can write their hearts and souls out into the world, make themselves vulnerable to others, and have it turn into something really intellectually thought-provoking and beautiful. 🙂


Happy 6th Blogiversary, WordPressers!  Here’s to 6 more years of sharing my silliest and deepest inner most thoughts! 😉 Hopefully no more shit-show moments. I’ve decided that those days are long behind me.  I think I am generally a pretty good writer, but my content is limited to me, really, because I don’t dig politics or religion or pop culture…. or fashion… homies, I’ve got shit to do – so I’m writing about what I know best. Me!


We had a gorgeous weekend date at the wineries and enjoyed some wonderful wine, (to celebrate my blogiversary!…yeah, just kidding) took some cute pictures and he bought me Riedel crystal wine glasses, on sale (Yep, I’m turned on by that!), at the winery that pairs with our new favorite bottles of wine!

Tomorrow… the infamous blog about changing my major. Yeah, that’s about to happen. Wait, I can explain!………..


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