Upcycle Friday!

After the week that I have had, I need some happy posts that focus absolutely nothing on feelings, or life stuff, or anything of the like…

So there was this…


Yeah, ignore the kid legs and the dog in the photo. I found this little turn of the century side table at Goodwill for $12.00. It was mine. It was in very good shape and just needed a solid cleaning, and was only missing one tiny little gold capping on the leg.
I wanted to paint it to use it as a side table for my king bed – however, king bed was too large and did not leave enough space on either side for a table of this size, and plus, the little details were hidden.

I let this table sit around in my environment for a while and marinate. I couldn’t decide on colors and I didn’t want to screw it up.

When I was finally ready to do something with it, I wanted a REALLY good primer and via another blogger, I discovered Zinsser Primer. It’s amazing, quite simply. That’s it. It’s amazing. There is absolutely not much else to say about it other than it covers with one coat, evenly and sets it up for an awesome base for any color of any sheen.

I taped off all of the gold detailing and removed the little gold crowns from both sides, kept the hardware (the little nail), and cleaned them up nice…

I chose this… (First, I am a Krylon girl through and through when it comes to spray paint.)


Satin Nickel in a metallic sheen.. after two coats of primer, just for good measure.


I sprayed it evenly with three coats of this Krylon Satin Nickel paint, while still leaving all of the gold accents taped off.

Replaced the little gold crowns back to their original places and glued the nail in with E6000 to ensure that it was secure and would not wiggle loose later on.

Then I sprayed it down with two coats of clear lacquer to give it a shiny finish, well, like lacquer.


And here it is in all its little mid-century modern glory. On display and in use! It hold my little antique milk glass ring trays now and a Eucalyptus candle and a photo of the beau and I, as well as my late Grandmother’s charm bracelet box. It’s been done a lovely justice and given new life! $12.00 and a couple cans of paint, none of which are empty and can be utilized for other little upcycle projects from my Goodwill finds.

Happy Friday!


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