On Dating a Sociopath…

If any of you are wondering where Alyssa has been the last year and a half of her life… it has been this. This blog post, though not written by me, kept making me go to the “About” page and go “Does this person know me? Are they blogging about the saga of the last year and a half of MY LIFE with this man?….Certainly, this person is a stranger and doesn’t know me.”
I read it, and I felt sick, sick to my stomach, nauseous, sad, and in truth… like I had been smacked in the face.

Read it. Read it all, every line. You will understand who I have been with all this time… who has betrayed me… who has broken my heart more than once and manipulated most of my emotions. You will understand, because this post doesn’t even deviate in the slightest bit what it has been like…

“You will never be in the sociopaths life. They will only be in yours. This is how the sociopath operates.”

Dating a Sociopath


Just like Alice, in the book Alice in Wonderland, when you meet the sociopath, after initially assessing to ensure that you have what they want and need, they will offer you the potion to drink. The potion is taken  with trust. Thinking that you have met your perfect partner, you trust your partner – and drink the potion……. the potion contains only empty promises, and lies… as you drink…. you, your life and your world begins to shrink.

Energy sucking vampires

If you had been at a bit of a low ebb when you met the sociopath, they seem upbeat, fun, charming charismatic. Lots of fun. They can really lift your spirits and you start to feel good about you again.

Being with the sociopath initially bears all of the hallmark qualities of a potentially good and stable relationship. After all this person:

  • Seems just like you
  • Shares your interests…

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