Upcycle Tuesday! (Ok, so I actually did it yesterday)

After spending Saturday out running around with a girlfriend of mine, having coffee, and Goodwill hunting, at the last stop of our day. I found this. This beautiful gem of a mirror.


I have found in my journey towards being a thrift-Goddess, good mirrors are actually quite difficult to find. Once the glass is broken, its over, so they often don’t fare well in thrift stores.

Had to be mine. I have been looking for a beautiful mirror to put in my bedroom, above my refinished mid century phone table, you might recall that from my last “Upcycle!” post.

Ok, so, I decided it was time to try something new. I hate natural wood colors with a passion, everything is black or black lacquer or some other “synthetic” color. Natural woods just aren’t my bag.  I went to home depot and found this amazing shiny reflective metallic spray paint, not just chrome, not just a “silver”, in color finish, I found a “REFLECTIVE” metallic! Amazing! In the cart and home we go!


I used a cut up trash bag and then used Frog Tape to seal it up against the edges so that I could use my Zinsser spray primer (best primer ever for projects of all sizes) and get that wood covered up – and the primer does indeed fill in the “grain” or any knicks are scratches wonderfully!

While Zinsser coats wonderfully with just one coat – I did two since there were some minor knicks that I wanted filled in and I wanted a solid basecoat for this shiny spray paint to stick to.


The first coat went on great, while I am normally a Krylon girl, through and through, this was Rustoleum and they have a different spray mechanism and a smaller spray head. However, this went on really smooth and kind of leveled out into all of the crevasses and looked gorgeous. I did two SOLID coats which some touch ups to different spots here and there.

*NOTE: It is January in St. Louis as I did this. I was lucky enough to have 48 degree whether to do this outdoors instead of attempting this in the basement and getting high on paint fumes. THAT BEING SAID — it will not dry properly outdoors under 65 degrees +. It will get sticky and as soon as you touch you will need to reprime and repaint that spot. Bring it indoors to dry, during cooler temps.

And then…there was this…


Gorgeous. I could not be MORE pleased with how this turned out!

I simply cannot way to get it on the wall, it turned out smooth, perfect, no imperfect, dried nicely, and the shine is amazing.

Now, who wants to help me figure out how to get plaster with dried out hundred year old wood lathing to support this baby!!?


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