Soundtracks to Our Life


There are about a million situations where I have been watching episodes of my favorite shows on Netflix and I hear a song and I keep backing up and playing it into my iPhone trying to get SoundHound to pick it up and tell me what exactly it is. I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and I heard this song in the background and it nearly reduced me to tears and I could barely hear the lyrics and it was really moving. The lyrics are positively powerful. I am not any kind of musician; but you hear people in the music industry and who teach music tell you how deep music can go for some people. Whether we believe it or not, most of our lives we are building soundtracks as we move through the things that we will, or have, played in our heads.

The song above is one of mine.

A few others…

The Civil Wars “The One That Got Away” (The song is actually about wishing that the person was the one who got away because of the pain that they caused the person singing…)

Jon Lennon“Imagine”  (This song was one of mine that was replayed incessantly after 9/11. It sounds cliche, because I was nowhere near the impact… I was a deeply frightened teen after what happened and trying to work through how to accept the possibility of death via terrorist acts was a very hard concept to wrap my head around.)

Fleetwood Mac“Landslide” (For me, lyrically, this embodied my first, and only, marriage and how I came of age during the relationship and what ultimately lead me to divorce. “Took my love, took it down, climbed a mountain, then I turned around.” .[…]. “I’ve been afraid of changin’, ‘cuz I built my life around you.” )

Etta James“At Last”  (Maybe this is a cheesy one, but after everything I have been through in the last few years with love and heartbreak, and uncertainty, I always imagined this song would be played at my wedding if it ever happens again for me. Yes, cheeseball, I know, but this song kind of stirs some little bit of hope inside me.)

The Pretenders“I’ll Stand By You” (This is another that puts it in my face that in my relationships I have been the “caretaker”… I have stood by my significant others no matter what they had done, no matter what our differences, no matter what the pain they caused. This song reminds, honestly, that sometimes I don’t have to be the one to be strong and protect everyone else from their pain. I did this with Brian, for a year, every time the freezer was empty – there I was, food to fill it, crockpots full of stuff, casseroles for the boy, and always offering myself to whatever he needed — and while I was being bled dry, on multiple levels, he was with other women. This song reminds me that it is OK to put Alyssa first and tell someone when enough is enough – and the song is relevant because the video is very clearly a bad situation for both parties but the woman is all-in “standing by him”.)

Amos Lee“Sweet Pea” – (This song is one that my kids and I sing together. After The Girl Child got through her rap music phase, this one is one we sing in the car and they only know the chorus….but I sing the whole thing. I recall the three of us, in my old townhouse, wildly twirling about and dancing and singing loudly – probably pissing off my neighbors.)


How about you?! What are some of the songs that are the soundtracks of your life and why?


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