In Latin…

In Latin...desideratum

Desideratum: Something that is wished for, or considered desirable.

The Latin word for “Worthy” is Idoneus, Idoneus is defined as: proper, worthy, fitting, deserving, capable.

Idoneus and Desideratum. “Worthy” on the left, and “Something to be desired” on right. Both in Latin, both just below the crook in the elbow.

I had my uncle, who is a tattoo artist, help me find a website where I could find fonts for tattoos. I have a couple on my back that I got when I was a stupid teenager, that really mean nothing to me and at some point in the not-so-distant future I will have covered up or amended somewhat, these would mean something really deep. He told me “words are for writing and speaking, who puts words on their body? Put art on your body.” But words are important to me. Words are something I have a really deep connection to.

I think I need it as a reminder that I am indeed worthy and desirable. It has meaning and its for me. Perhaps it will be my Valentine’s Day present to myself. Along with five bouquets of lavender roses that can be found at Aldi’s for $5 each. Yeah, its that serious.

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