There is nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers…


So, D and I haven’t been dating long, well, not at all long, however, I am incredibly spoiled. I would imagine to say that that is pretty common in early dating. However, we didn’t have plans this Valentine’s Day. We had plans for every other night, but not Valentine’s Day. And, after having my attention drawn to it, Valentine’s Day seems to carry a lot of pressure, especially for new couples. I was ok that we didn’t have plans, we had seen each other 5 out of the 7 days of this past week. He’s great. Since we didn’t see each other for Valentine’s Day. The day after Valentine’s Day, I went to Aldi’s and bought two gorgeous bouquets, one a salmon coral color and the other white, for $2 each. People do not give Aldi’s enough credit. I mean I went there for flowers to have on my table, because I love fresh flowers, and ended up with guacamole and $45 worth of wine… Anyway, the point is… it is therapeutic. Buying yourself a romantic gift is really kind of lovely… I have purchased myself multiple floral arrangements, just because I like them… and when people come to my house… “Wow! Who got you those?” … “Me. I got them for myself.” And while it sounds cheesy, there is generally a huge smile on my face. I’ve learned that it is completely OK to date yourself while you are trying to find that someone.  I took myself out to dinner at a local microbrewery where I discovered they had a Cuban sandwich that I love and the bartender mixes a mean Long Island… I just started to have all of my senses enhanced and really started doing the things for myself that I wanted done for me by a partner. I am old fashioned and love flowers and romantic gestures and chivalry and all of that bullshit that most modern women scoff at. But I love it.

It helped me heal. It’s OK to “Date” yourself.


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