Trying to be like the Moms on Pinterest…

…is exhausting.

So, I have been increasingly busier than my normal mode of busy. February has virtually kicked my ass, with time constraints, meetings, school, dating, kids, and some other extracurricular commitments – both fun and otherwise. I decided to get myself a nice pots and pans set since my cheap set from Wal Mart was starting to rust a bit and the frying pans were losing their non-stick after a year of use, so it was time.

I chose the red gradient Rachael Ray porcelain set and so far, I love it! Very little coconut oil is needed to heat or saute anything!


I have been trolling Pinterest, essentially in no uncertain terms, learning how to cook. I have seen many pins with mothers who only cook once a month and they freeze everything and then thaw it or heat it later. I feel like my life warrants this kind of approach due to all of the commuting and juggling of kids and other such stuff. I started reading into these and these moms are serious… like serious. (bold for emphasis). I was looking at their lists, their packaging supplies and their labeling materials and I was quickly becoming overwhelmed. Some moms had lists of how much money they saved since they started bulk packaging and even had calculations as to how many hours they have saved during any given week by cooking meats in bulk and then freezing everything in one and two pound sections. Holy hell! I couldn’t keep up. Feeling overwhelmed I thought I should start small and see how it goes. Do stuff in the crock pot and a few things in the stock pot or in the skillet and see how it goes on a smaller scale. Last night, I decided to try using up the last of my little flour tortilla rounds as they were starting to lose their softness and it was time to do something with them. I sauteed some black beans in a little bit of coconut oil, some chicken broth and spices and heated my brand new skillet, also with coconut oil and spices.

I pan seared little black bean and cheese tacos. I had eight tortillas left and that was perfect as the entire can of black beans was only enough to add to eight little tortilla rounds.

ImageI wrapped them in foil – even though the Pinterest moms tell me to wrap them in wax paper, look homies, I didn’t have any wax paper so we had to improvise. I sloppily wrote “Black Bean and Cheese Tacos 2/14” on the little white section of the Zip Loc bag. I did not have the fancy label maker handy, nor did I have pre-printed labels with custom “So and So Family” logos ready to go. I feel like that’s super unnecessary. You don’t need to label your own food with your own last name… for your own fridge/freezer. Over the top. I think I could just write “This shit is mine”, or “Not yours” and that would suffice. I don’t need ten sheets of labels with my own last name on it that tell me what something is. “Black bean tacos, this shit is mine” scribbled in black marker. DONE!

Eight tacos last night, and tomorrow a double batch of Jambalaya made in the stock pot with shrimp, Andouille sausage, and chicken thigh into plastic bags for storage… those will also say “Jambalaya- This shit is mine. 2/14” Sorry, Pinterest Moms, you win – that’s the best I can offer you.

You will need 8 flour tortilla rounds, the small ones, 1 can of black beans drained and rinsed, seasoning of your choosing, coconut oil, a little bit of broth, and shredded cheese. Plastic bag and something wrap and freeze the tacos in. Very straight forward, drained, rinsed black beans, simmer with a little coconut oil and chicken broth. Heat the skillet with a little hunk of coconut oil (you will need a thumbnail size hunk for EACH taco as the tortilla absorbs it) with some seasoning added to the skillet. Lay tortilla flat in skillet, add shredded cheese and then about thirty seconds later add beans and folder over – use spatula to press the folded taco down against the skillet. Voila! Done. Lay each on a paper towel and then wrap them once cool in what they will be frozen in.

Serve with guacamole, sour cream, and Verde (or any tomatillo) Salsa!


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