Ok, fine. I am going to try to be a Pinterest mom.

BF and I went shopping (at 5 different places) this weekend, Sam’s, too, for bulk items and I have pretty much everything I need to make, freeze, and store, all sorts of items that will help me feed my children through the long week when their Dad is on vacation and I can still complete my final projects for class (my semester ends this coming week, YIKES!) and transition into the new one. So I found a few that might entice my kiddos into cleaning their plates which is often a task… I generally eat pretty healthy, minus when D and I go out to eat and he introduces me to phenomenal restaurants with award winning chefs… (Yeah, I promised him I would never be one of those women who got into a relationship and let myself go, but I told him it was going to cut into our alone time because I would be at the gym!) But I mostly eat pretty healthy – and I love spicy – so those two things have made it a challenge to make a whole meal for everyone for one night.

Here are a few that I picked out to do over the next week:

Grilled Cheese Pull Apart Rolls w/ Tomato Soup

Mini Mexican Cups

Cheesy Tater-Tot Casserole 

Buffalo Chicken “Garbage” Bread

Hopefully, this will be an exciting little adventure for them. Mom learning to cook exciting “kid” things. The “Spider Spaghetti” was a huge hit!…and now they ask for it all the time! These should break up the food boredom a bit. The BF sent me home with multiple kitchen ‘tools’ to make this happen so I am feeling confident that I have everything that I need to make this happen.

Ok, Pinterest moms (or hell… Mom’s that can cook in general.) You’re on!

However… tonight — is Taco Tuesday… Mommy is getting a Coronarita and its half price tacos at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. It’s kind of a new thing. Usually, its with the BF or the girlfriends and I, but tonight I will have the kiddos so they get to partake, again, in the amazing awesomeness that is Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and #TacoTuesday 😉


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