Sometimes Plan B is better than Plan A.

Plan B! We’re going to sell his house.

We are going to spend this Summer getting his house ready to sell and then list in the Fall with a fantastic agent here in town. We now know our price range and we have some ideas in mind, but we are hoping that we will find a house that will make us feel like falling in love makes you feel…

I drove around this morning looking at houses in different sections of my city, in my school district, and I started to become attached to different parts of the town… little kids running around in front yards, then I imagine my kids, and mine and Drew’s future children running around in front of the blue house on the cul de sac… and I start to get this little spark in my stomach that makes me feel like all of the pain and heartache and learning experiences that have presented themselves to me in the last handful of years — has lead to this point. I parked outside of a house for sale today and looked around; sidewalks, people walking dogs, runners trucking along, little kids playing. I looked at the porch and imagined us sitting on that porch having a glass of wine during a thunder storm. We are going to be able to get a house large enough for our collective brood, 2 kids, 3 dogs, some future children. And we are going to have all sorts of fun spending our Summer dreaming about the house we will find when his sells – perhaps we will be also covered in paint and plaster… The realtor is coming by next week to provide us with a list of things that need to be done before listing the house and we are going to make the listing date our absolute deadline.  We are going to be VERY busy this Summer, I’ll be in class and studying for the LSAT while we are working on the house, but, I cannot wait!  The real estate agent told Drew that I was a very lucky lady – his response, “I’m the lucky one.”… My response… She has NO idea how lucky I am on multiple levels. I am most certainly the lucky one. Everyone is really happy for us, quite supportive, and overall genuinely pleased with our plans. We have no room for naysayers in our lives, and thankfully there are none around. When you meet someone and fall crazy in love with someone and recognize, truly, how compatible you are on large and small issues, it just makes complete and total sense.



All of this stirs that little feeling in my stomach, like butterflies. We are going to be so happy… ❤


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