On couples who work out together.

Drew and I were jogging in a local park, around a lovely lake, doing the 4 mile jog, and we noticed this very buff couples with their arms exposed, very tan, big bulky arms and traps  – they were running up hill together keeping very good pace. I giggled in my winded stride and said to Drew “Do you think we’ll ever be that couple?” – He laughed. “Probably not.” …and then we both picked up our pace a little bit. I was recovering from a minor knee injury where I pinched a bundle of nerves in my knee cap due to us horsing around… (Don’t ride around the house on your boyfriend’s back unless you are CERTAIN your entire body will clear any doorway you will go through! Ouch!)

We have been talking extensively about different health problems in our respective genetic lineage (thyroid disease in mine, heart problems and Alzheimer’s in his) and I have been doing better about trying to stick to “Practical Paleo” and drastically reduce gluten. Also, drink less wine (fuck!), but drink more alcohol that’s clean and clear like Vodka (yay!)  I am in relatively good shape with only about 10 pounds of combined toning and fat loss needed, per Doctor’s recommendation. We have been in the gym or out in the park walking and jogging together and eating healthier than I likely ever have in my life. I used to stick to calorie restricted diets and now I am combining that more with lower calorie, lower carb, while limiting gluten and following some rules of Paleo while cooking and buying food. Drew got me a grill for my birthday and it it is getting a fair amount of use with grilled chicken. However, Drew decided that I should be eating more vegetables (he’s right!) and he was going to try really hard to get me to like some veggies.We tried Portabella mushrooms grilled in a balsamic glaze. (Yuck. IT’S A FUNGUS! WHY?!) But, the grilled zucchini with Andria’s Steak Sauce on it was really yummy! We’ve also been doing grilled chicken thigh in a marinade and using Boston Bibb Lettuce as a wrap. Baby Snap Peas (ok, fine.). Cooked carrots. (Gross, isn’t this shit actually just baby food?) and various ways to cook and eat cauliflower! We haven’t tried this yet on our own, just researched it, and sampled the wares over at Athlete Eats (Cherokee Street.) where they delightfully utilize cauliflower sauteed with the stir fry vegetables (in replacement of rice) to give them this delectable zesty taste and a filling texture to their bowls. It’s on our list to attempt, but in the meantime we’ll eat it there. This place is gluten free, organic, and paleo-friendly. (And… I’ll go anywhere that puts peanut butter, bananas, and yogurt in a shake and puts it in front of me.)

We’ve been doing really well and I have lost 3.5 pounds in just a little over a week. (“The Dating-8”)

We both expressed a solid interest in raising a family on healthy food with healthy parents while still being able to enjoy good food and eating out. Working out together does something interesting when you’re in a couple, when one person is losing their motivation, the other person is able to put on their workout clothes and say “Hey, it’s time to go. Let’s do this. Get in the car. Get in the car RIGHT NOW!”  or blast loud hip hop music in the car and scream “Does this get your blood flowing!?!??!! Are you ready to work out yet?!??!” (Drew). And mid – workout if one of us starts to slow up our pace on the track, the desire to keep up with the other keeps you motivated (mostly me since his legs are twice the length of mine!)

Another interesting phenomenon happens… we get out of the car and choose not to bring headphones, because we want to talk, instead of listen to music. Quality Time. We may never be the super buff couple without an ounce of body fat running through the park but we are going to be healthy.

We have a lot of little stuff to do to get Drew’s house ready to list – but this is equally as important to us to find the time to do, considering we are doing so well. I tell Drew he’s a handsome guy all the time, and he wakes me up with “Good Morning, Beautiful!” in some fashion every single day – but we still want to feel good about ourselves, and be healthy and set a good example for the kiddos.

Now… if I can remember to charge my damned FitBit…


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