The dog is drunk.

Penny, my Great Dane mix, decided that it was a good day to find a half-finished glass of pomegranate Sangria that I had left on the floor in my bedroom while I was moving some things around and forgot about it…


I came home tonight, exhausted, shuffling kids into bed and pressing through bath time since we decided to stay and play at Drew’s house. Upon entering my bedroom (my only sanctuary) I smelled something sweet. Hmm… that’s weird. I walk over to the bed and start digging through the covers looking for my spare pair of glasses (I read in bed at night and leave all sorts of books, iPad, laptop, glasses, nonsense, on the right side of the bed.) – I find them and then, in flip flops, attempt to turn around — except my flip flop will not move… it is stuck to the floor. Avoiding falling on my face was an interesting task – but as I turn I see through the slightly ajar door that my dear sweet Penny has her face close to the floor and has turned quickly and is headed down the stairs. She knows what she did… I didn’t yet. I looked down and there are purple sticky pawprints on the floor and little sticky puddles of Sangria – and little sticky pawprints in the white shag rug…(Yeah, I have a shag throw rug in my bedroom. Hey, Girl, Heyyyyyy!)



Thankfully, it cleaned up… But you know those situations where if you don’t laugh you will cry???! I was SO there… Somewhere between a maniacal laugh and a hyena…

Penny rarely gets in to anything, she is only crated during the day while I am at work and even if I didn’t close the crate door she would likely stay in there snoozing most of the day. She is well-behaved and doesn’t tear anything up… occasionally, if she is mad at me for staying with Drew too much she flips the bowl of food over in the kitchen or tears up one SINGLE paper towel from the top of the trash can but not a single thing else…but drinking?! (Drew is concerned this could lead to substance abuse for her if we don’t nip it in the bud – har har…)


We are still “dog people”, because so help me god, if we had had a cat and a cat did this, I would be far less forgiving. Because it would be a cat. And a cat isn’t a dog. Shortly after this photo was snagged she passed out, snoring loudly, to the point where I needed to turn up the volume on the television…

She’s lucky I love her (drunk) ass so much.


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