Breaking Up with Sugar

If you had asked me in the last handful of years in all of my ups and downs of my health and wellness and weight loss journey if I could give up sugars/carbohydrates I would have laughed at you and told you some story about a fond pastime with bread… or a bagel…or with rice. Or about my intimate relationship with a cheese, bacon, and sour cream stuffed baked potato.

I wouldn’t have told you that “Yes! I can live with minimal carbohydrate intake!”

The transition has been tough, but after two weeks I am feeling the difference. I sleep better. I don’t feel like I need a nap immediately after eating. I never feel bloated or lethargic immediately following a meal. I am cooking more often. I have a fridge stocked with all sorts of vegetables and items that I never believed that I would eat. (Yes, I am making zucchini steaks, bacon wrapped asparagus, and cauliflower rice.)

I am not cravings sweets or breads or wraps or tortillas. My one painful aspect of this is that I love chips and salsa and could sit down and devour them for an entire meal until I hated myself. That was a tough disconnect.

All of this being said. I am losing weight, steadily, which is shocking to me considering I had plateaued more than a year ago and had not lost any since… I am now, roughly 13 pounds to my absolute goal weight and my body fat percentage is dropping every single time I get on the scale. (It was likely skewed numbers before when I was retaining tons of water.)

I will never be a rigid paleo person who does not eat dairy and never ever adds salt or never ever touches gluten or doesn’t use ghee or butter. Sorry. But this is as good as it gets. Practical.

Now, onto the goods…

I love avocados and I love that I get to eat them! Obviously, in moderation.

I have now eaten avocado scrambled eggs with gluten free maplewood bacon for the previous three meals. I am not bored and I do not regret it. I took one whole avocado and six eggs. I stretched one avocado and six eggs and four slices of bacon over three meals. I am a texture eater and I never thought I could handle the mush of avocado especially not avocado that is starting to melt under the heat of coconut oil.


So, for this ultra filling and amazingly tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner… (Yes, all three meals…)
I heated the pan, added a lump of coconut oil. I fried the bacon up and then set it aside but left the coconut oil and bacon grease in the pan. I then added three eggs to the pan along with an avocado sliced into the pan. Prior to this, I chopped up the avocado and spritzed with lime juice and cracked a little bit of pink Himalayan salt over the hunk of green deliciousness. I scrambled it all together and then separated it out onto a plate and then two containers. One for dinner last night, and then two containers for breakfast and lunch this morning at work.

I have felt completely satisfied and not starving just a couple hours after eating.

Drew and I have also discovered just how much the various cuts of dark meat chicken have changed our eating habits (and our lives…forever!) Broiling dark meat chicken on the bone – lightly salted with a fist full of baby snap peas. One of our favorites yet!


I have about fifty recipes that I need to try with the ingredients in my newly stocked kitchen that are low or no carb.

Now, I just need to go out and buy some ghee to add to my cooking oils, as well as some paleo mayonnaise for some egg salad recipes I have and we will be set!

Do expect more photos and recipes to come as I find them, as well as a few posts where I will blog an obligatory full-body selfie once I reach my goal weight which is now not very far off!



4 thoughts on “Breaking Up with Sugar

    1. Without carbs in my diet and replacing with the added fats and protein… I seriously stay full for extended periods of time. Crazy how that works. Just wait until you see the crazy ass concoctions we have been toying with the last couple weeks… guacamole, fried egg, pepperjack cheese BURGER! (no bun of course). I keep string cheese on hand… I also think its funny how you have a SET time to eat and you are counting down the minutes. haha

      1. Omg, it was delicious… Drew put hot sauce on his…. not sure how I feel about that yet, even though I love hot sauce.

        I have scrambled eggs and bacon, again, waiting in the fridge at work as we speak, but I want to hit the University gym for a bit first on break. 🙂

        #SoBuff jk……

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