Establishing Healthy Relationships … with Food

In the last year, mostly since I went to Africa last Summer, I started to think incredibly deep about how I feel about food, food reform in the U.S., and what we put into our bodies. Let’s be honest, America, the crap we eat is absolute garbage. We can’t even pronounce 90% of what is in our food. For real. Go try it. Grab a processed packaged something out of the fridge and start reading off the chemicals in your item. DO IT!

My boyfriend has been drinking crystal light for god knows how long based on some very poor advice from a nurse. Aspartame is better than real sugar!? SINCE WHEN!? Friends, if you think Diet Soda with Aspartame and being low cal is going to keep you from being fat, well, unfortunately it is just not true. I am a low carb person, and any carbs I get come from fruits or vegetables and don’t exceed about 30-35MG/day – and I have never felt better in my entire life — but even if I had the opportunity to have a drink of something using a chemical sugar, I would decline and take the real thing and then just work twice as hard in the gym. Regardless of the fact that I have a pretty serious allergy to aspartame (bumps galore and a swollen tongue!) I still wouldn’t touch it. I told Drew that I loved him too much for him to get cancer and I would appreciate if he found some other “juice” to drink without aspartame, even if that means we have to ween him through the other fake sugars down to nothing. So be it. ❤

Aspartame is a toxin that your neurological system immediately starts reacting to in a manner that effects most of your brain. Your body doesn’t know what to do with it so it starts focusing on “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS AND HOW DO I PROCESS IT?!” that it is not focusing on your metabolism or digestive system. It has stopped trying to figure out how to get nutrients out of your food, because much like MSG, your body is confused right now and trying to protect you.

So, I’ll bring us back to where I intended to start. Right here. I do this from time to time as my life changes and I find things that legitimately work to change my health. Why not share them? As I get closer to my goal weight, which I may decide isn’t even my goal weight after all because of all of the muscle I have gained from lifting free weights – I can see my body changing in strange ways. The scale doesn’t move, but the skinny jeans that were once my tightest pair of jeans at a size 4 are starting to loosen in the waist and become tight in my quads! I am not there yet, but I am starting to establish a healthy relationship with my scale, in that I don’t feel ball and chained to it anymore. I am getting on the scale less than I used to (More than once in a day.) and establishing a healthy relationship with what I eat. I used to lose a few pounds and get pissed because I was STARVING and then hit up my favorite mexican restaurant and undo all of my hard work. Not anymore. Yoyoing is for the birds.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

astuke1 2 Months of Low Carb-High Fat/Paleo eating and my body is changing… A LOT! Most of you didn’t know me at my highest weight of 235 (I’m 5’4) and size 18-20. Most of you know me now as Alyssa. 140lbs. Size 4, who runs 5k’s, lifts weights, and listens to 90’s music in the gym via posts to my Twitter feed! I’ll never go back to who I was before. I don’t even know that girl.


Paleo: Oven Roasted Asparagus and Sauteed Cauliflower Mash. Oven roasted asparagus is amazing, coated in coconut oil and ghee and then lightly seasoned!Cauliflower mash mixed with a paleo buffalo sauce recipe. Delicious and incredibly filling.

paleogheeepicPaleo: Ghee for Cooking! Epic Bars for Eating! One in every meat! Organic ghee and coconut oil are two of the best, and most healthy, fats you can cook with for those of you who cannot stomach lard and don’t have bacon fat handy. Epic bars are low carb (carbs are likely from the dried cranberries in the bar), organic, and high in protein!

paleokombucha Paleo: Kombucha. This stuff is fantastic for your digestive system. Forget soda. Really. Let it go.

paleolchfzucchini Low Carb High Fat: (Not Paleo because its covered in cheese!) Zucchini steaks with ghee-sauteed beef and mozzarella cheese! This is one of my favorite dishes and it turns out the boyfriend loves it too.

Cut out the junk. Cut out the processed silliness. DRASTICALLY reduce your carbohydrate intake (get your carbs from vegetables!). Remove gluten. And… DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAT! I’ll prove it to you this Fall. I have to have my blood drawn for a wellness program at work every year. I eat TONS of bacon (several daily on most weeks), red meats, dark meat chicken exclusively, fish, shrimp, and pork. I can guarantee you that my cholesterol (both HDL/LDL), blood pressure, triglycerides, you name it… will all be perfect. I can tell you my fasting blood glucose will also have greatly improved, too. PINKY PROMISE, Readers! 😉

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